If you have been referred to REBOOT Physiotherapy for hydrotherapy after recently surgery please contact us to discuss our other rehabilitation options.


While advice allows, in room services will remain for post surgery clients. If advice changes or you cannot attend the clinic I am providing comprehensive individualised rehabilitation programs via TeleHealth Online Consultations. 

Click here for more information on TeleHealth Sessions 

Or contact us via email at rebootphysio@gmail.com or call 0422 487 717 


Stella Canberra

50 Launceston Street,

Phillip, ACT.

Please note - REBOOT Physiotherapy is located in Weston (see Contact page) for clinic appointments. 

REBOOT Aquatic Physiotherapy details: 

  • Tuesday mornings between 9-12noon

  • Location - Stellar Pool in Phillip

  • Sessions are 45-60min depending on your needs and tolerance

  • Individualised program based on your goals

  • Typically, sessions will be in small groups (around 4 people in the pool at a time).  

  • For information on prices and post operative packages please contact REBOOT Physiotherapy.

  • No pool entry or membership required.

  • Bookings need to be made by calling 0422 487 717 - reception hours 830-530 Monday to Friday.

Before you start

  • An Initial Assessment is required prior to starting in the pool and are conducted in rooms at Weston (see Contact page).

  • Please note you may require clearance from your doctor if you have a chronic health condition or are post surgery. 




What is it?

Hydrotherapy encompasses a range of activities carried out in heated pools for a therapeutic effect this can include rehabilitation, exercise, relaxation etc.

Aquatic Physiotherapy is physiotherapy led rehabilitation in water. Physiotherapist have a high level of understanding of anatomy, physiology, injury and recovery which allows us to provide you with the best program for your needs. 


Why do Hydrotherapy?

Water is a unique environment to exercise in due to its properties of buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and decreased effects of gravity, these variables can make exercise easier or harder depending on how they are used.

Hydrotherapy is often used as a stepping stone or an alternative to land based exercise when people are having difficulties with this. This is often most evident following surgery or injury where you have had a period of reduced weight bearing or are unable to fully weight bear comfortably. 

It is also used to help conditions that have resulted in pain, stiffness, weakness, deconditioning, poor balance or difficulty moving (e.g. walking up stairs).  



There are many benefits to aquatic physiotherapy including reduced pain and swelling, improved range of movement, function and strength. Other reported benefits (which would also be benefits of general exercise) are improved mood, sleep, fitness and weight loss. 

General Information

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