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REBOOT Physiotherapy offers a wide range of treatment techniques to provide the most effective management of your injury. 

Our approach to assessment and treatment

REBOOT Physiotherapy uses the ConnectTherapy(TM) (previously known as Integrated Systems Model) approach when assessing and treating your injury. The aim of this approach is to determine the 'driver' (cause) of your symptoms and to answer the question "what is causing your current symptoms?" rather than jump in and treat the area with symptoms without understanding why symptoms have developed. Have you ever wondered how an old ankle injury has affected your current hip pain? The ConnectTherapy(TM) approach will give you the answers.

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Manual Techniques 


This encompasses a whole range of hands on techniques including deep tissue release, myofascial trigger point release and joint mobilisation. The choice of which techniques are required is based on assessment of your movement and injury.  

Visceral Manipulation

​Visceral manipulation is another manual technique that

focuses on reducing any tension in the connective tissue

between the organs and musculoskeletal system.

Limitation in the ability of your organs to slide and glide

past each other when you are moving can result in

musculoskeletal symptoms due to movement restriction.

Common causes of visceral restriction are surgeries, infections or inflammatory conditions. 

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Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Needling is a form of manual therapy that has excellent

evidence in pain and symptoms relief. Dry needling and

acupuncture are similar but come from different clinical

reasoning approaches. 

Both approaches use fine acupuncture needles to achieve

results and are safe, comfortable and effective.  


Taping is an effective way to help maintain more optimal movement patterns achieved during a treatment session or to protect an area after acute injury.

Both rigid and dynamic taping is available at REBOOT Physiotherapy

Dry Needling
Visceral Manipulation
Thoracic Ring Approach
Dry Needling
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