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Injury Treatment
The Practice


REBOOT Physiotherapy was first registered as a business in 2015 by practice owner Rebecca McRae after completing ConnectTherapy(TM) courses in Sydney with Dr LJ Lee. These courses inspired a passion for a physiotherapy approach that aimed to find the cause of a patient's symptoms and provide an effective treatment program. Over the two years until opening officially in 2017 Rebecca moved to the Central Coast, NSW to further develop skills in the ConnectTherapy(TM) treatment model working at Central Coast Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy (Ocean View Physiotherapy). Rebecca moved back home to Canberra in 2017 to launch REBOOT Physiotherapy, excited to work with the Canberra community again. 

REBOOT Physiotherapy offers you a quality physiotherapy service with your goals at the centre of what we do. 

  • TIME - REBOOT Physiotherapy believes one of the most valuable things a health professional can offer their patients is time. All appointments at REBOOT Physiotherapy are one-on-one so you have the full attention of your physiotherapist. Initial appointments are scheduled for 1 hour for all new injuries, this allows time to listen to your story and complete a thorough assessment and treatment. Follow up appointments are 45min to allow review and progression of your treatment and recovery. 

  • FIND THE CAUSE - often the location of pain or the injured tissue isn't the root cause of your injury. Through extensive professional development courses Rebecca is trained in assessing your whole body mechanics to determine the area of most influence on your injury. 


  • HANDS ON - all treatment sessions involve hands on techniques to reduce your symptoms in session. Along with traditional massage and muscle releases you may be familiar with Rebecca is also trained in dry needling and visceral manipulation techniques that can be incorporated into your treatment.   

Rebecca McRae
M. Physiotherapy 

As a born and bred Canberran I grew up in Tuggeranong and studied both my undergraduate degree and Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Canberra. 

After university I spent some time working at The Canberra Hospital before moving into private practice in 2012. In Canberra I have worked for two private practices and for fantastic local sporting teams - The Canberra Capitals,  Netball ACT, Tuggeranong Vikings Women's Hockey and Marist AFL.

In 2016 I moved to the Central Coast in New South Wales to hone my skills and knowledge of the ConnectTherapy(TM) approach with Russell Wright at Central Coast Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy and Ocean View Physiotherapy

I moved back to Canberra in 2017 and started REBOOT Physiotherapy with the aim of providing high quality physiotherapy for my clients. In this time it has grown from 2 days a week to full time with the inclusion of hydrotherapy.  

My passion for physiotherapy lies in  identifying the cause of my patient's concern and not just treating the symptoms. Working like this is an awesome challenge that keeps me asking more and more questions about the human body which continues to amaze and intrigue me everyday!  

Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors running, riding or bush walking with friends and playing hockey on the weekend, getting down to the south coast or watching some quality Netflix (who doesn't)!

I look forward to meeting you in clinic.


Rebecca McRae

Rebecca is committed to providing the best physiotherapy service through ongoing professional development 

ConnectTherapy - Dr LJ Lee

2017 – ConnectTherapy Series 


  • Advanced Thoracic Ring Approach

  • The Thoracic Ring Approach

  • The Sporting Pelvis & Recurrent Hamstring Strains

Integrated Systems Model - Diane Lee

2018 - The Inner Dimensions of the Pelvis and it's relationship to the Thorax and Cranium 

2017 - The Cranium, Neck and Upper Thorax

Acupuncture / Dry Needling & Eastern Medicine approach training.  

2022 - Integrative Acupunture Level 1 (APA)

2023 - Integrative Acupunture Level 2 (APA)* in progress

2020 –  Menstural Disorders - Peter Kingston

2014 - Integrated Dry Needling Level 1 and 2 - Andrew Hutton 

Barral Institue 

2019 - New Manual Articular Approach Upper Limb

2018 - The Inner Dimensions of the Pelvis and it's relationship to the Thorax and Cranium 

2016 - Visceral Manipulation 3 – Pelvis

2015 – Visceral Manipulation 2 - Abdomen

2014 – Visceral Manipulation 1- Abdomen

Clinical Edge

2021 - Shoulder Steps to Success - Jo Gibson  

Women's Health


  • Bullet Proof the Pelvic Floor – Antony Lo

  • Introductory Women’s Health Physiotherapy - Taryn Hamlyn (Women's Health Training Associates)

Advanced Manual Therapy Associates 

2013 - Treatment of Pelvis and Lumbar Spine Level 2

2013 – Cervical and Thoracic Spine 

2012 – Pelvis and Lumbar Spine Level 1

Australian Physiotherapy Association 

2019 - Aquatic Physiotherapy 1

2013 – Sports Level 1

2012 – Dynamic Foot Control

2011 – Advanced Taping 

MUSMED – Dr. Paul Conneely


2013 – Talus & Foot Biomechanics and Treatment

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