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REBOOT Physiotherapy Clinic Update - COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

The following information is regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic and how REBOOT Physiotherapy is managing the situation. Every attempt will be made to ensure the safety and health of clients and to remain as up-to-date with current advice.

This information will be regularly updated and any significant changes to clinic operations will be also emailed to clients.  

COVID 19 Restrictions 


It is preferred and requested that you wear a mask at all times while in Health Space Weston and REBOOT Physiotherapy. Hand sanitising is also required on entry. 

Please ensure that you meet the following criteria before booking:
  1. You do not have any acute symptoms of COVID-19 / flu or head colds including but not limited to cough, sneeze, fever, sore throat.

  2. Post infection please be either clear of symptoms post isolation or if you have ongoing symptoms (e.g. a cough) wait minimum 10 days following positive test result. 

  3. Are not a close contact (household or like) of someone who is currently isolating with COVID-19.

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