REBOOT Physiotherapy Clinic Update - COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

The following information is regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic and how REBOOT Physiotherapy is managing the situation. Every attempt will be made to ensure the safety and health of clients and to remain as up-to-date with current advice.

This information will be regularly updated and any significant changes to clinic operations will be also emailed to clients.  

Please do not attend the clinic if you have have any symptoms at all of a cold or flu, have or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive or awaiting results, or travelled overseas recently without mandatory quarantine

Last updated - 09 June 2020 


REBOOT Physiotherapy will continue to operate after the Federal Minister for Health confirmed last week "that ALL allied health businesses can continue working and are encouraged to do so."

With the reduction in cases in Canberra Face-to-face appointments can be made through the online booking for previous and current clients.  Please use the booking page here.

TeleHealth Appointments will be available - there are more details here

Due to the federal government's closure of gyms and indoor facilities as of Monday 23rd March 12noon the hydrotherapy program will regrettably cease.


More detailed information on clinic practices, potential closures, hydrotherapy and cancellations can is outlined below. 


COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

 The current COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation for most Australians including myself. I would like to reassure you that my highest priority is the health and safety of my clients, myself and our families. During this time I will be doing everything possible to minimise the risk of contracting or spreading the virus.  


In clinic I have always followed hygiene and sanitation guidelines recommended by our health regulators and the Australian Physiotherapy Association and I am confident that this has been more than adequate to date. In saying that, with this current situation, I will be stepping up these procedures to ensure all that can be done is done, this includes:

  • Hand sanitiser will be available in the waiting area and in the clinic room

  • Frequency of surfaces cleaning and linen changes has increased 

  • Additional chairs have been put in the gym area in clinic to allow you to distance your self from others

  • The front door at Health Space will be held open to reduce multiple contacts on the door handle of people entering and exiting.

  • Toys and magazines have been removed from the waiting area.

  • I encourage you to also follow the current advice on regular hand washing. 


I have also completed the Infection Control Training - COVID-19 e-learning developed through the Department of Health. Certificate can be found here

The most important thing for all of us at the moment is to follow current advice that if you meet the following conditions that you call and cancel/reschedule your appointment.

  • Are unwell with cold-flu like symptoms,

  • Travelled overseas recently in the past month or

  • Have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19


I will be monitoring my own health and provide the same care to you if I become unwell. 

This is all in accordance with recommendations from the ACT Government and the Australian Physiotherapy Association. As you can understand recommendations may change quickly and I will do my best to remain current and provide you with any required updates including potential closure as quickly as possible.  

I understand that your health is your priority and that each individual will have their own level of risk that they are wanting to and willing to take in regards to interaction with others. If you would prefer to postpone your appointment in this time I understand. I only ask that you provide as much notice as possible and read the cancellation information below. 


Some good reliable resources on COVID-19 including masks, social distancing etc can be found at: 


Effects On Clinic Operations

Potential Closures

There is a possibility that the clinic may have to close either due to whole area shut downs or if I have to self isolate due to exposure or being unwell. In this situation I will endeavour to provide you with as early notice as possible and update you on reopening. Until then I will be operating as usual until advice changes stepping up infection control as outlined above. 


In regards to cancellation fees I will be doing my best to accomodate clients need to cancel potentially at short notice due to the virus with my top priority being everyone’s health and safety. My current management of this has been to provide patients the ability to cancel their appointment on the day once without a fee if they are unwell with flu like symptoms. Cancellations after that within the 24 hour period will incur a fee. I hope that you can understand and respect that I am running a small business and that fee for service and cancellation fees are how I cover my costs to operate and generate an income. 


Pool closed - patients will be contacted regarding their sessions. 

TeleHealth Sessions - Click Here

I will be putting together TeleHealth options this week for clients who would like to use this service to discuss their injury/condition with me. I will be suggesting that the clients that would see the best benefit from this will be those who are recovering from surgery or acute injury where we can assess via video how you are going and focus on exercise progressions. For conditions that have required predominantly hands on treatment I am happy to hold TeleHealth sessions if you want to discuss some management strategies. However I also want to maintain a high level of service and we may be better waiting until we can do hands-on assessment and treatment in rooms. 


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